HereNote: publish your thoughts

HereNote is a lightweight content publishing system. It is an aggregation engine and a blogging engine. You can also use it to take notes.

Lately, web designers have been spoiled with the release of several design-minded blog engines.

What is does

It is not the most feature complete blogging engine you've ever seen, because:

1. It focuses primarily on aggregating your social media content
2. It is a thin piece of software. Bloat can be removed or, at least, delegated.
3. It is integrated with Disqus for comment management. It could easily be integrated with other tools. Leave the headaches of spam management to professionals.
4. It supports posts, pages and notes.
5. Content origin is preserved for additional functionality
6. Content can be rich text or markdown
7. Publishing code is easy: syntax highlighting is baked in and compatible with both editors
8. No administrative interface. All management is contextual to the page you are currently viewing.

What it does not do (yet)

Many, many things.
For instance, images currently have to be hosted remotely. Additionally, tables are not supported. And these are the only two I can think off the top of my head.
It is very much under active development so what is you see is not the end game, but bloat will be avoided as much as possible.

Should I use it?

If you like HereNote's approach to publishing, then I believe that you should.
I also believe that it is definitely not for everyone so I will not take it personally if you do not.

What does it look like?

~ Contextual Admin ~

~ Rich Text Editor ~

~ Markdown Editor ~

~ Code Syntax Highlighting ~

~ Simple Interface ~

~ Full Text Search ~