Posted by: Chris Ravenscroft 6 years, 4 months ago

According to The Register, at IFA 2008, in Berlin, some good patent trolling took place. IFA stands for 'Internationale Funkausstellung' and is Europe's largest consumer electronics fair. 69 companies were raided, which beats Cebit's 51.

"Yes" you point out, "but it's patent holders' prerogative and, in fact, obligation, to enforce their patents."

You are absolutely right but this is not what this is about. We are talking, here, about  Italy-based Sisvel, which is one of those outfits that does not actually produce anything but maintains what they refer to as a patrimony. They mean, of course, that their business model consists of buying obscure patents and suing the hell out of everybody. More Sisvel fun  here but feel free to Google them for yourself.

Now, what's really aggravating is how these raids happen on suspicion of wrongdoing. If you are one of the raidees, your only option is to fight it in court, which isn't really going to help with your current "boothless" situation. Cf. latter link.

Oh, and Sisvel have their own booth at IFA. And I thought that I had an evil neighbour.

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