Posted by: Chris Ravenscroft a while ago

sIFR v2I did not invent anything.
Mike Davidson and his gang did. I even borrowed this logo from his blog.

I just found -on the web, where else?- a fairly easy method to create sIFR Flash Files without the need for Adobe Flash Studio itself. Thus, here it is: a free, dead-simple tool to help you convert as many font files as you need painlessly.
Simple? Very. Select a TrueType Font File, select which glyphs you wish to convert or [x] All if you want a big fat .swf file, click on 'Convert', pick a destination directory and you're set.

If you need more information on sIFR and why it's the greatest thing in web design since sliced images, take a look at Mike's blurb.
Then come back and download OpensIFRr, because you will want to play with this nice concept.

Let me show you an example of a short sIFR-enabled page:

No need to sUFFR to play with sIFR..!


See? The Javascript two-liner is all you need to add to start using your own forms rather than the few ones your browser thinks you deserve.

Currently OpensIFRr only exists for OS X, but I could very easily offer a Windows and a Ubuntu versions as well. Let me know if you are interested.

OS X Universal