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== abandoned when I realized that I did not feel like working with flash all that much ==

FreeBlog is a multi-platform tool (Linux, Windows, OS X) that helps you in your blogging tasks.
FreeBlog was born out of frustration after its author tried various blogging software, most of it on the Mac: that type of software usually offers all sorts of features, such as publishing which music you are currently listening to, and seem to forget to focus on the basics: a real rich-text editor that renders your posts as closely to what they will look like on your weblog as possible.
Only when FreeBlog's author knows that he has all the basics right, through personal testing and more importantly, your feedback, only then will he focus on more "flashy" features.



Using FreeBlog's real rich-text editor and ultra-easy interface, you can work on your blog posts, refine and preview them until you are completely satisfied with your result.
Every detail of its interface is here to help you focus on your writing, not to keep you guessing. Its interface is extremely straightforward and help bubbles are available throughout the software.
Unlimited Blogs

Keep your blogs organized: FreeBlog supports multiple accounts, either on the same server or spread across multiple servers.
Real Rich-Text Editor

You can edit blogs using the reach-text editor, move to a pure HTML editor, and back to the reach-text editor completely seamlessly.
Think of FreeBlog's rich-text editor as truly "what you see if what you get": contrary to other blogging software, when you insert an image in a post, this image is displayed in the post as you are editing it. It would seem like an obvious behavior, and yet, to some, it's not.

Posts Management

Tag your posts, publish them, recall them ("published" > "draft") and manage their assets easily.
Two Preview Modes

First, a fast, simulated preview, that lets you play with your post's layout (width, font size, etc.
Also, a full preview that uses the theme captured from your blog to preview your post locally.

FreeBlog is built on top of Adobe's AIR platform; this means that it runs in a sandbox: even though it accesses the Web from your computer, it will never be able to copy that web content to your critical folders or corrupt your important data.
Can't-beat pricing

It's free!

So, what next?

Your feedback is what will decide what features are added to future versions of FreeBlog.
Currently, replicating Wordpress' shortcodes in the editor itself is under consideration, as is offline mode.
FreeBlog only supports Wordpress-based blogs. Again, depending on your feedback, this may change.
It is recommended that you follow the author on Twitter because he will keep posting information regarding updates to FreeBlog.