• n2 BBS

    n2 is the result of the merger of two exciting forums software: wtcBB and nextBBS. It's easy to use and easy to admin. Committed to remain open-source forever. Fork it!

  • Tooredo

    Tooredo offers instant filtering, context and project management, all in one page!
    It relies on Toodledo to store these tasks as many mobile applications do.

  • S2Ajax Library

    S2ajax is a ‘managed’ AJAX framework; it allows the developer to declare classes on the server and instantiate them on demand on the client.
    It combines two common computing concepts: FFI and RPC

  • FreeBlog

    FreeBlog's focus is on the basics: a real rich-text editor that renders your posts as closely to what they will look like on your weblog as possible.

  • ezEdit in-place

    * Work as a mini-CMS that you can add to your existing website.
    * Work as a prototyping tool, to see “what if:” what would happen if you modified a page’s content

  • Condo

    Condo is brand-new multi-environment hosting project that is currently in its early development stage.
    It is a jailed environment that is fully compatible with your existing virtual machines.

  • Optimus V Tools

    This is a suite of tools that will let you root your LG Optimus V device and, optionally, flash a new ROM such as CyanogenMod 7.

  • RootTools SDK

    RootTools provides developers a standardized set of tools for use in the development of rooted applications. Its libraries drastically improve development times as well as promote code reuse.

  • ADOdb ARX

    Active Record relationships; included in ADOdb's mainstream distro. ADOdb is an extremely popular database abstraction layer (also Microsoft's first ever contribution to a LGPL project!)

  • Live Watches

    This plug-in for a Sony Ericsson LiveView display brings to your wristwatch something it has surprisingly lacked until now: an analog display, with small and big hands, all customizable, even a flashlight.

  • Tiny SU

    TinySU is a very small “su” binary, compiled to run on all ARM-based Android devices.
    It works in every possible situation where its more complex brethren may not; for instance in automation.

  • Sobriety Counter

    A free, ad-free application + widget. Displays in real-time the number of years, months, days, hours and minutes you have been clean and sober.
    One-click sponsor call.

  • NotEnoughSpace

    NES has two goals:
    1. Help you understand what is causing your phone to run out of memory
    2. Move data to a different partition so that your phone can reclaim some of its precious wasted space.

  • Some projects are not shown here because they are still under development; some because they are too old; some because there is no promo material for them!